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AutoToOrder is Hanover Motors �made to order� process for acquiring your next automobile. Rick Trone is involved directly with wholesale buying for our AutoToOrder program. Carrying inventory can be a costly endeavor for any dealership and ultimately costly for consumers as the costs are reflected in retail prices. AutoToOrder eliminates the expense associated with retailing a vehicle. With AutoToOrder we source your vehicle and deliver direct to you, saving you thousands. You only pay a buying fee to acquire your next vehicle.

Rick personally works with each client to ensure no detail is missed and the highest level of service is obtained. His consultative approach ensures your vehicle purchase will be enjoyed for many years to come. The first meeting will determine your vehicle needs, years of planned ownership and financial impact. Rick understands that most cars are depreciating assets and works hard to determine which vehicle will meet his client�s criteria, while minimizing the financial impact on purchase and later on your resale or trade-in.

Rick has worked with clients from New York to California and also abroad to source and deliver exceptional automobiles at wholesale prices. All vehicles are hand selected, Carfax Certified, and thoroughly inspected.

Please call or email Rick today for a Quote on your next Vehicle
610-283-3408. Email : Rick@AutoToOrder.com

FAQ�s about AutoToOrder and buying your next Car.

*What type of vehicles do you buy?
Everything. Rick has extensive knowledge of all makes and models. His expertise is with European and Asian luxury cars, and SUV�s. Because you�re buying �to order� we have no agenda and don�t have to try to put you in a car from our inventory. Rick will consult with each client to determine which vehicles will best fit their criteria.

*Where do you buy vehicles?
The simple answer is from the same places every large franchise dealership buys their inventory. Vehicles are purchased from other dealers, lease companies, and exclusive private dealer only wholesale auctions. Companies such as Wells Fargo, GE Capital, BMW financial, Mercedes-Benz financial, Nissan/ Infiniti, Porsche financial, Toyota motor credit. Chase. Hann financial. Etc���..

*Why are the vehicles being sold at Auction?
Dealer only auctions are the best place for large financial institutions to dispose of vehicles that have come off lease. Almost all franschise dealerships around the country use auctions to buy and sell there inventory. Most large dealerships have a 60 or 90 day window to move inventory, if a vehicle does not sell it is sent to auction. We are able to buy many premium vehicles with remaining warranty. Because of our unique process for selecting vehicles we buy only pristine vehicles with good service history and a clean Carfax History.

*Is there something wrong with the cars at the auctions?
Rick hand selects each and every car and guarantees the quality of each car he buys. Carfax history reports along with service history are a good first step in determining a vehicles pedigree. Rick goes several steps further to ensure your next vehicle is one that was truly cared for. He uses a device called a paint meter to measure all body panels on the entire vehicle to determine if the car has ever been involved in any type of accident. No Surprises for anyone.

*You just gave me a quote for the car I want, why is it so cheap?
With AutoToOrder you are buying wholesale and pay only a buying fee for each vehicle. We don�t have high overhead, carrying costs on inventory, and no commissions to pay sales people. Our dealership is privately held and all operating costs are low. Average savings off Retail $3500-$10,000

*Your Kidding me, are used car markups really $4-12K?
Yes- the secret is out! Franchise dealers make little or no money selling you a new vehicle. Selling a used vehicle means huge margins to help supplement ailing new car sales.

*What�s the process for buying through Hanover Motors Company and the AutoToOrder program.
It�s Simple.
1- Consultation with Rick
2- Sourcing of Vehicle
3- Delivery
We keep the process this simple. Imagine no hassle at a dealership, no pushy sales people, and no games. You get exactly what you want.

*How long does it take to find the car I want?
It can take a few days to a few weeks. We have access to over eight thousand vehicles each week. We buy cars which are perfect and ones that meet the exact specifications for our clients.

*Do you take trade-ins?
Yes � Trades are welcome and can reduce your tax bill on the purchase of your new vehicle. We look at multiple ways to dispose of an unwanted vehicle and determine the best option for you.

*Can you ship the car to me?
Yes � We work with a number of transport companies which enable us to ship around the country and internationally at great rates.